The Best Looking Deck You Can Have

One of the most important aspects of your new Duradek is its appearance. Yes, being waterproof is the number one goal, but we have dedicated a lot of effort into making it look fantastic as well. That’s why whenever possible we router the seams.

What does that mean for you the customer? It means seams that would normally be a 60mil bump are now virtually flat. This helps with water control and helps make the seams almost disappear. Couple this with a pattern that reduces the look of the seams and you get the best deck you can have.

Routered Seams on Duradek Arctic Quartz vinyl installed by AV Deck Shop in Port Alberni.
Routered seams help control water and make your deck look great.

This is a picture of a large deck with 5 seams. The seams are still there but minimized significantly.

Ask us if your deck can have routered seams and which colours from Duradek work best to minimize the look of the seams.

It’s a little more work to get these seams just right, but another way that AV Deck Shop is the top quality choice for vinyl decking.